Rocking new single


European & British blues awards nominees Starlite Campbell Band release their rocking new single Gaslight

Taken from the highly anticipated new album ‘The Language of Curiosity’ which is released on November 5, 2021 

Renowned for their unique sound, distinctive songwriting and beautifully produced recordings, European and British blues award nominees the Starlite Campbell Band release their exciting upbeat new single Gaslight.

Written in response to fake news, gaslighting facts and the blurring of truth by people in power around the world, Starlite and Campbell have created an upbeat rocking retort intended to vent the spleen, cleanse the soul and put a feel-good bounce back in your step by calling out the telling and selling of lies. 

Gaslight is straight-up early ‘70s British rock ‘n roll featuring a rich Motown-esque groove from Starlite on bass, good-time Wurlitzer electric piano from the Italian stallion Gabriele Del Vecchio and a foot-tapping four-on the floor groove from Steve Gibson on drums. 


Gaslight, telling me lies
Selling your lies on me
Gaslight, telling me lies
Getting your highs on me

You’re a fake news filibuster
Now I’m micro-dosing on air
The Great Pretender – a Starke affair
A knight without a horse – rides on and on and on

Woo hoo hoo hoo hoo

You’re a gangster talking glory
A front-page headline story
You pick your moment, a coup d’etas
The revolution drags on and on

Woo hoo hoo hoo hoo

You’re a paranoid invasion
A renegade machine
Trade in cigarettes and coffee cream
The revolution goes on and on and on