Single I Ana Popovic – Recipe Is Romance


Ana Popovic releases “Recipe Is Romance” music video and single on Valentine’s Day


This is the second single released from her forthcoming studio album, “POWER” released by ArtisteXclusive Records on May 5th.

The new album is the summation of Ana’s breast cancer diagnosis in 2020, which resulted in fourteen chemotherapy sessions. “POWER” is an album that not only establishes Popovic as a survivor, but as one of the world’s leading female guitarists, she continues to push the envelope by reinventing herself with every new album. But this time, it’s personal.

Throughout Ana’s career, she has found different ways to highlight themes of female empowerment – everything from juggle-struggles as a working mom to challenging and confronting male dominance, to acknowledging the men who support women in these efforts. And now, with “Recipe for Romance,” love – but first and foremost, self-love – as a key to empowerment.

How does “Recipe Is Romance” serve as a powerful introduction to the new album?

“Self-love is the first and foremost in this song,” reflects Ana. “The story that people see is a romantic music video of a woman getting ready for her date, getting the right cloths, cooking her best meal – looking at the cookbook while taking a bath, in her own speed, it’s a laidback day of her getting ready for the evening. But the hidden message here is – women are being diagnosed with what seems like a devastating prognosis every day on this planet. Some women are being left by their partners to battle it alone, can you believe that?! Some are being left what they and the world see as less ‘women’ than before.”

Continues Ana, “This is basically a POWERFUL message that you can still feel good in your skin, feel attractive, feel sexy, just a few months after a treatment and you can get on with your new life – there is future! – You can reinvent and embrace your new look, your new self- and love it and let the world around you witness your strength and your beauty while you discover a new YOU. Apart from that it’s a gorgeous song and a showcase to some awesome jazzy licks on my D’Angelico guitar and even Yamaha nylon string guitar played simultaneously.” 

Ana has built her career on defining and describing, on her own terms, the essence of American music, simultaneously pushing limits, bending genres with her music and herself with each new record.

Not surprisingly, she can claim any number of notable accolades and achievements from the highest quarters of the music industry. She’s shown her commitment to celebrating her guitar-driven, eclectic music style through consistent touring, awards, and recognition for the past 25 years. In the process, she’s emerged as one of the most thoughtful, dynamic, and committed performers in modern songwriting and guitar.

Ana’s latest album, “POWER,” brings those dynamics to the fore and, in the process, turns this set of songs into both a powerful and personal tale of survival through faith, determination and tenacity. They were spawned from a decidedly tricky set of circumstances that tested Ana’s devotion to making music and her perseverance.


Ana Popovic