Second Sun – Kampen Går Vidare
Format: CD – LP
Label: Gaphals Records
Release: 2020

On November 6, Second Sun will release their third full-length album “Kampen Går Vidare” (“The Struggle Continues”).

A splendid mixture of retro prog-rock, folk-rock, and hard rock that goes against all trends and challenges the listener with Swedish lyrics and anxious and hot-tempered instrumentals. The Stockholm based band, fronted by ex. Tribulation drummer Jakob Ljungberg, has played gigs with friends and Almost Religious- label mates in Hällas, Svartanatt, and Sienna Root, to name a few, and released their debut album “Hopp / Förtvivlan” back in 2015.

“Protest music”. These two words pretty much sums up the essence of Second Sun. In a system designed to make a profit, no matter at what cost, the biggest protest you can muster is to do something for yourself and for your own pleasure, disregarding the fact that it doesn’t further your accumulative wealth.

01 – Sång om våren
02 – Du är allt du har
03 – Slå tillbaks
04 – Attack
05 – Kampen går vidare
06 – Hatar det ändå
07 – Vem ska bry sig
08 – Om alla bara var mer som jag
09 – Gör alltid ditt bästa för de du älskar