Ruzz Guitar’s Blues Revue – The Instrumental Sounds Of…
Format: CD
Label: RG Records
Release: 2020

Release date: December 6th 2020

‘The Instrumental Sounds Of…’ is a collection of musical styles, based within the Blues, that have influenced Ruzz throughout his career. After COVID-19 hit at the start of 2020, and all live work stopped and studios closed, Ruzz and sax player Michael Gavaghan decided to put this down time to good use and learn to record and mix & master from home so that the supporters of “Ruzz Guitar’s Blues Revue” still had new content coming their way to keep them entertained during these difficult times.

This album was recorded in isolation with musicians from both the UK and the USA, and is the product of 5 months learning from scratch, adapting with minimal gear and taking on a new challenge to self-produce an entire album’s worth of new, original Instrumental material.

This album features tunes in the styles of Blues, Surf, Swing, Rockabilly to name a few…

Track Listing:
01. Hold Fast
02. Swing Thing! (Feat.Jessica Kaczmarek)
03. Longing To See You
04. Ruffled Up
05. Duel at High Noon
06. Jump In (Feat.Pete Gage & Jerry Tremaine)
07. Spag Mambo
08. Swinging G String
09. Soulful Blues
10. Hammer Down (Feat.Mike Malone)

Featured Musicians:
Ruzz Guitar (UK, all tracks)
Michael Gavaghan, Sax (UK, all tracks except tracks 5 & 10)
Eddie John, Drums (UK, Tracks 3,6,7)
Mike Hoddinott, Drums & Percussion (UK, Tracks 4,7)
Chris Smith, Bass (USA, all tracks)
Greg Mitchell, Drums (USA, Tracks 1,2,5,8,9,10)
Jack Jowers, Trumpet (UK, all tracks except 5 & 10)
Jessica Kaczmarek, Guitar (USA, Track 2)
Mike Malone, Piano (USA, Track 10)
Pete Gage, Piano (UK, Track 6)
Jerry Tremaine, Harmonica (UK, Track 6)

Website: Ruzz Guitar’s Blues Revue