Ruzz Guitar’s Blues Revue – Instrumental
Format: Digital (EP)
Label: Independent
Release: 2020

We’ve been working hard during lockdown to bring together a brand new, all original Instrumental album…

With plans to release the full album in late 2020, we thought we would release a few tracks from it as a teaser and fundraiser to help bring the full album to you as soon as possible!

Everyone that downloads the EP from BandCamp will automatically be added to a list of supporters who will receive 20% off from the price of the full album AND will be notified of it’s release date etc before any information goes public!

01. Swinging G String: an instrumental which has been a solid set number for many gigs over the last couple of years… finally it’s recorded for fans to download and listen to anytime!

02. Longing To See You: an emotive track written during the current lockdown situation.

03. Swing Thing!: A little, Jumping track recorded during the recent lockdown with musicians from the U.S and special guest Jessica Kaczmarek.

Below is a video for one of the new tracks entitled “Swing Thing!” which features these incredible musicians from the U.S:

Chris Smith – Bass
Jessica Kaczmarek – Guitar
Greg Mitchell – Drums

We hope you enjoy!