Review: Will Johns – Yin & Yang


Will Johns – Yin & Yang

Will Johns – Yin & Yang
Format: CD – Digital / Label: Independent
Release: 2023

Tekst: Pascal Wilhelm

Will Johns (1973) comes from a musical family. His parents are Paula Boyd, sister of Pattie Boyd (Layla), and record producer Andy Johns who worked with the Rolling Stones, Led Zeppelin and Eric Clapton, and his uncles include E.C. himself, Mick Fleetwood, George Harrison, and Glyn Johns. As a guitar player and singer, his work is initially blues-oriented, and Will already has made a name for himself on festivals in the UK but also played on the continental mainland all the way up to Moscow.

‘Yin & Yang’ is what is called a rich production, it sounds like a bell. No lack of musical virtuosity, all ingredients are there. Yet, this new recording with eight songs seems to mark a period of transition, an artist in the process of trying to find his voice.

Generally speaking, and this may sound harsh, each song on this record misses a soul. What is Will communicating in his songs that may have wider appeal? What deeply personal reflection is there? Upon entering the studio, he was ready.  Except that, it seems there were no real songs. The result is a record that sounds very promising but suffers from lyrical doggerel. This inherent contrast makes this record unbalanced: not Yin & Yang.

However, it is commendable what Will is trying to do, trying to expand and develop as an artist, musically. And it is great that the audience can be a witness of that. With a set of better songs and a fitting production, the real Will Johns will show himself, for sure. On to the next, Will! 

01. Do It Again
02. Morning
03. Why
04. William Cooper
05. Ruthless
06. Bird In A Golden Cage
07. One Day
08. Yin & Yang