Review: Seth James – Lessons


Seth James - Lessons

Seth James – Lessons
Format: CD – Digital / Label: Qualified Records
Release: 2024

Tekst: Pascal Wilhelm

This is a tribute to the great Delbert McClinton. According to Rolling Stone Magazine the “Founding father of Americana.” Seth James and Delbert share the same roots, Lubbock Texas, and according to Seth, that gave him permission to follow his own path.

Owing much to Delbert, he recorded this cd ‘Lessons’ with songs from Delbert. Kevin McKendree (Grammy-winning keyboardist, guitar player, producer, songwriter, and engineer), who worked with Delbert for over 25 years and drummer Lynn Williams and bass player Steve Mackey, from Delbert’s band, cooperated with Seth on this album. How close can you get to one’s inspiration?  

Seth is an excellent vocalist nearly outdoing Delbert’s original work, but still this record is a true tribute to his inspiration. Delbert’s songs are a blend of of blues, R&B, rock, country, soul and rootsy funk supplemented with authentic and deep American lyrical quality; the lyrics rock as hard as the music does.

Play this record in your car, and your rides will be pleasant ones (but mind the speed limit). It’s amazing how close Seth and Delbert are on a song like B Movie Boxcar Blues. Same soul, same feeling, same groove. The track list on ‘Lessons’ is well built up, different moods and grooves alternate nicely, this record is a true party, celebrating Delbert’s music.

Do you know who wrote Two More Bottles of Wine? Recorded by Emmylou Harris? Yes, Delbert. Truly a legendary songwriter. For people who are new to his work: take these Lessons from Seth and then further discover Delbert’s work. And don’t lose Seth out of sight, he is the real American deal. 

01. The Glamour of Life
02. Honky Tonkin’ (I Guess I Done Me Some)
03. Real Good Itch
04. Who’s Foolin’ Who
05. Maybe Someday Baby
06. The Rub
07. Morgan City Fool
08. Victim of Life’s Circumstances
09. Lesson in the Pain of Love
10. Ruby Louise
11. B Movie Boxcar Blues
12. Take It Easy