Review: Bob Corritore & Friends – Phoenix Blues Rumble


Bob Corritore and Friends - Phoenix Blues Rumble

Bob Corritore & Friends – Phoenix Blues Rumble
Format: CD – Digital/ Label: VizzTone Label Group
Release: 2023

Tekst: Pascal Wilhelm

On this record (his fifth in his “From the Vaults” series), Bob Corritore showcases nine (!) blues singers from the Phoenix area. Bob is known for his great harmonica playing, multi-award-winning productions, numerous collaborations, and talent for bringing blues people together.

His Rhythm Room music club in Phoenix, Arizona has strongly stimulated the local scene and with a heart for traditional sounds Bob has been producing record after record with known and lesser-known blues musicians. Some songs on this record have been on the shelf for thirty years (recorded between 1987 – 2017) and now finally are brought together on this album.

Thirty-two musicians have contributed to this record, and not the least. What about Rusty Zinn, Kirk Fletcher, Jon Atkinson, Junior Watson, Fred Kaplan, Richard Innes, Brian Fahey, and the man himself (on all twelve tracks).

And then all these vocalist (your humble reviewer had never heard of them before, shame on me); Chico Chism, King Karl, Sugaray Raford, Dave Riley, Big Pete Pearson, George Bowman, Tommy Dukes, Dino Spells and Chief Schabutte Gilliame (listen to Chief’s voice cracking up so fiercely on “Leopard Speckled Baby”).

All vocalists singing their hearts out on this great old-school sounding recording. No surprises here, but just good Chicago blues that you can listen to anytime and everywhere. Thank you, Bob!

01. Big Fat Woman 480 LBs (feat. Chico Chism)
02. Come To Me Baby (feat. Chief Schabuttie Gilliame)
03. Walkin In The Park (feat. King Karl)
04. Mathilda (feat. King Karl)
05. Jennie Bea (feat. Dino Spells)
06. I Was a Fool (feat. George Bowman)
07. Real Bad Day (feat. Tommy Dukes)
08. Nine Times Out Of Ten (feat. George Bowman)
09. Leopard Speckled Baby (feat. Chief Schabuttie Gilliame)
10. Laughing Blues (feat. Dave Riley)
11. The Glide (feat. Sugaray Rayford)
12. I’m Evil (feat. Big Pete Pearson)