The Steel Woods – On Your Own Time


The Steel Woods - On Your Own Time

The Steel Woods – On Your Own Time
Format: CD
Label: Thirty Tigers
Release: 2023

It’s a rare band that can make the blue-collar dreams of Southern rock’s pioneers relevant to modern audiences without sounding outdated. From the first, The Steel Woods have brought forward the enduring notions of self-reliance, hard work, family and faith expressed by artists from Lynyrd Skynyrd to Tom Petty to Merle Haggard, making them their own. The songs on their first three albums – Straw in the Wind, Old News and All of Your Stones — combined the sincerity of country and forlorn bursts of class anguish and troublesome geography, underscored with the occasional stab of heavy-metal guitar to create a sound that is The Steel Woods’ own. What can you expect from a band that cites Willie Nelson, Waylon Jennings and Led Zeppelin among their influences?


01. The Man From Everywhere (5:12)
02. Cut the Grass (7:01)
03. Devil in This Holler (4:43)
04. Famine Fortune (4:35)
05. On Your Time (4:42)
06. You Don’t Even Who I Am (5:08)
07. Border Lord (7:17)
08. Stories to Tell to Myself (5:15)
09. Broken Down Dam (6:12)
10. If Not for the Rain (5:31)