Rusty Apollo – Apollo III


Rusty Apollo - Apollo III

Rusty Apollo – Apollo III
Format: CD
Label: Big Records – Distributie: Sonic Rendezvous
Release: 2024

Release date: June 6, 2024

Ever since five musicians from the Dutch Amsteldelta found each other ln their shared love for the works of Howlin’ Wolf, Willie Dixon and Bo Diddley, a lot has happened for the Amsterdam based band Rusty Apollo:

2O14 saw release of their already legendary debut CD ( ‘OhYeah !’ ) , a constant stream of concerts (a.o. Ribs & Blues and Moulin Blues), endless conversations, bruised ego’s, depressions, breaking glass, petrol stations, greasy food and raunchy sandwiches. In short : blues with a big fat B !

And in 2017 they released their second CD ( ‘Midgets & Monkeys’ ), a new line-up, new, shiny stage-outfits and a new spirit.

And now, in 2024 after surviving Corona, Donald Trump and endless rehearsals, they are about to release their third CD, aptly called ‘APOLLO III,’ again filled with a mix of classical blues songs, odd covers and original Rusty Apollo songs.

Singer and drummer Mike Meijer (the Scene, De Gigantjes, Gruppo Sportivo, Arthur Ebeling, Orkater) is a true one man music factory ! As Mighty Mike he made numerous solo CD’s. Other than that he is a wel!-known actor in many Dutch movies and TV shows, where he is usually cast as the Villain or the Weird Beardy Guy.

This third album also sees the return of Dutch Blues Legend Kim Snelten, Mr. Blues Harp extraordinaire. He has been on
the stage for over 40 years with The Jack of Hearts, The Scene, Drippin’ Honey and A Case of Tomatoes. He completes the sound of Rusty Apollo with his memorable Harp Licks.

Guitarist Rogier van der PIoeg played in Soviet Sex, Blue Murder and Astral Bodies, is an accomplished director of TV commercials, and founder/CEO of production company CZAR.

Slideguitarist Onno Voorhoeve (a.k.a. The Pirate from Parbo) was born in Dutch Guyana, so his roots lie closest to the Mississippi Delta. He grew up in Leiden and became frontman of the band Cadillac Walk, as well as performing with The Holy Spirits.

Mozes Meijer is the rhythm of the band. A talented drum and bass player, but also a producer to keep in mind. He already made remixes for various bands, including My Baby. He is also known for his deejaying in Mozes & Isis. He produced and created the distinctive sound of this third Rust Apollo album.


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