Mick Pini & Audio 54 – Are You Blind


Mick Pini & Audio 54 - Are You Blind

Mick Pini & Audio 54 – Are You Blind
Format: CD (EP) – Digital
Label: House Of Happiness Recordings
Release: 2022

Release date: July 8, 2022

Mick Pini and Audio 54 (producer Craig Marshall) release their second 4 track EP called
‘Are You Blind’

‘Are You Blind’ is 4 musically diverse songs that come from the forthcoming ‘Way Ahead’ sessions, which will be released both as a physical CD and a digital release.

Mick Pini explains: “We’ve released another EP to illustrate the different material we’ve been working on. It also reflects my enjoyment of working digitally with Craig. It’s like collaborating on a painting.

Craig pinged over some new ideas and I loved working on them, while Pete Feenstra’s lyrics really sparked something, especially on ‘Hard Lesson In Love’.

Producer Craig Marshall adds: “Mick asked me if I had any more tracks that he could contribute to. I had a reggae based track called ‘Are You Blind?’ which was a work in progress. I wasn’t sure that Mick would be interested, but I was wrong he loved it and his guitar playing completely transformed it.

The other tracks were the result of bouncing ideas around over the internet, and incorporating Pete’s lyrics on ‘Hard Lesson in Love’ and ‘Full Moon Blues’.

On ‘Late Night Blues’ Mick shows his versatility and sensitivity, while on ‘Hard Lesson In Love’ he literally looked at the lyrics and recorded the track almost immediately.

He then sent me all the tracks to mix and I ended up adding a strings and horns where I thought they would fit, but really nothing else was needed. What you hear is what went down.”

Website: https://www.mickpini.com/

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