Heavenly Cream-  An Acoustic Tribute To Cream


Heavenly Cream An Acoustic Tribute To Cream featuring Ginger Baker, Bernie Marsden and Pete Brown



The album takes us on a magical journey — traveling the brief course of the iconic band’s musical life — back to the raw, stripped-down magic of the creativity of Jack Bruce, Ginger Baker, Eric Clapton, and Pete Brown. Passionately produced and mixed by Rob Cass, the new album will be released via Quarto Valley Records on November 3rd on Double 180 Gram Limited Edition Cream-Colored Vinyl, CD and Digital on all platforms.

Formed in 1966, CREAM quickly became known for their explosive impromptu style – high-volume blues jamming, extended solos and flashy instrumental showmanship. Widely thought of as the first supergroup, CREAM paved the way for many other music genres.

The project honors CREAM’s legacy with a 15-track tribute album and features Pete Brown and Ginger Baker plus an impressive roster of renowned musicians who knew, or were inspired by the iconic supergroup including Joe Bonamassa, Deborah Bonham, Malcolm Bruce, Peter Bullick, Nathan James, Bernie Marsden, Maggie Bell, Rob Cass, Clem Clempson, Paul Rodgers and Bobby Rush. There were also invaluable musical contributions from Cheryl Alleyne, Winston Blissett, Moreno Buttinar, Abass Dodoo, John Donaldson, Pee Wee Ellis, Mo Foster, Neil Murray, Mo Nazam, Tony Remy, and Frank Tontoh.

While recording this tribute album, Pete Brown shared, “It took me a long time before I would attempt those songs. I grew up in Jack’s shadow, like Malcolm did as well, you know. I’m not trying to be Jack. No one will ever be Jack.” He added, “Eventually I felt, well, they’re my songs as well and eventually, I grew into those songs that Jack and I wrote.”

Ginger Baker, Malcolm Bruce, Bernie Marsden, Pete Brown
From top left clockwise – Ginger Baker, Malcolm Bruce, Bernie Marsden, Pete Brown

The first single off the album, released today, “Sunshine Of Your Love” features Ginger Baker on drums, Joe Bonamassa on vocals and guitar, Malcom Bruce on piano and Bernie Marsden on vocals and guitar, with Neil Murray on bass and Abass Dodoo on percussion. This iconic song, co-written by Jack Bruce and Pete Brown was included on Cream’s best-selling second album Disraeli Gears in November 1967 and became one of Cream’s fan favourites. With elements of hard rock and psychedelia.

“Heavenly Cream: An Acoustic Tribute to Cream” was recorded at Sensible Music and the legendary Abbey Road Studios in London. Years in the making, Quarto Valley Records’ executive Mike Carden initially approached Pete Brown, his long-time colleague and friend in 2017 about a different project and out of that meeting came the concept of doing a recording — a retrospective of CREAM music — which both Pete and Mike mutually agreed to. Pete had remained friends with Ginger Baker over the years and brought him on board. Following suit came Malcom Bruce (Jack’s son), and the gathering of the incredible talent on the album began to fall into place.

On recording this album, Malcom Bruce said, “I feel very much that in my own small way I’m carrying on a tradition that’s incredibly unique in the musical canon as it were.”

“Quarto Valley Records is honored to be releasing this all-star tribute to one of the greatest bands in rock history,” said Bruce Quarto. “To have recorded this musical masterpiece with the incredible roster of musicians makes this project unbelievably special. And having worked with legends Ginger Baker, Pete Brown and Bernie Marsden truly takes it to a historical level. When you listen to this album, you can feel the passion that went into the project and hear it pouring out of every note. Enjoy!”

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01. I Feel Free (Ft: Deborah Bonham, Bernie Marsden and Malcolm Bruce) (3:17)
02. White Room (Ft: Pete Brown, Malcolm Bruce and Clem Clempson) (5:46)
03. Theme For An Imaginary Western (Ft: Pete Brown, Malcolm Bruce, Clem Clempson) (3:38)
04. We’re Going Wrong (Ft: Malcolm Bruce and Clem Clempson) (3:32)
05. Sunshine Of Your Love (Ft: Ginger Baker, Joe Bonamassa, Malcolm Bruce, Bernie Marsden) (4:49)
06. Deserted Cities Of The Heart (Ft: Joe Bonamassa, Bernie Marsden, Malcolm Bruce) (3:51)
07. Sweet Wine (Ft: Ginger Baker, Nathan James, Pee Wee Ellis, Bernie Marsden, Malcolm Bruce) (3:08)
08. Tales Of Brave Ulysses (Ft: Ginger Baker, Nathan James, Pee Wee Ellis Bernie Marsden, Malcolm Bruce) (3:18)
09. Crossroads (Ft: Ginger Baker, Bernie Marsden, Joe Bonamassa, Malcolm Bruce) (2:53)
10. Take It Back (Ft: Maggie Bell, Bernie Marsden, Malcolm Bruce) (3:22)
11. Spoonful (Ft: Bobby Rush, Bernie Marsden, Malcolm Bruce) (4:39)
12. Sitting On Top Of The World (Feat: Bobby Rush, Maggie Bell, Bernie Marsden, Malcolm Bruce) (4:55)
13. Badge (Ft: Deborah Bonham, Bernie Marsden, Malcolm Bruce) (3:36)
14. Politician (Ft: Pete Brown, Bernie Marsden, Malcolm Bruce) (5:16)
15. Born Under A Bad Sign (Ft: Paul Rodgers, Bernie Marsden, Malcolm Bruce) (3:51)