Single I The Michael Mills Band – See My Baby


The Michael Mills Band featuring Grammy Award-winner Tom Hambridge drops a hot one with their brand-new single “See My Baby,” written by Michael Mills and Jesse Godoy. The tune comes out April, 2022 on Sony/Orchard and blues/rock fans will find it to be a giant slice of just what they love to hear. It’s an upbeat, non-derivative track that mixes blues and rock influences with tight songwriting and an attention-getting arrangement.

Mills has always fielded an outstanding band but bringing in Grammy-winning producer and drummer Tom Hambridge (Buddy Guy, Christone “Kingfish” Ingram, Devon Allman, Joe Louis Walker) to work his magic on this one was a total boss move. Hambridge is the best at what he does and his presence here elevates an already-excellent band to an entirely new place.

The Michael Mills Band is one of Southern California’s best blues/rock outfits and have built a well-deserved reputation for energetic live shows, strong vocals, and ripping guitar work. Bandleader Mills calls their sound “rock and roll with blue tint” and the description fits. “See My Baby” fits nicely into Mills’ set list and offers listeners a fresh, revved-up good time that they haven’t heard before, one that will keep them leaning forward to its last second. The pocket absolutely slaps and Mills has never sounded better on guitar and vocals. Hambridge’s production steers the song into an original direction that’ll make you want to get up and shake your bones.

See My Baby” is the kind of song the roots music scene needs more of and will immediately get The Michael Mills Band into your daily rotation. It’s going to be a hit and you need to hear it. Turn this one up and have some fun! Highly recommended.