Single I Katvanger – Back To The Basics


Katvanger - Back to the Basics

The Dutch-based roots trio Katvanger is pleased to announce the release of the band’s newest tune, ‘Back to the Basics.’

The language of politics, the language of scandal, the language of high finance, and the language of love have so much in common. Accordingly, for ‘Back to the Basics,’ Katvanger has drawn inspiration from philandering British and fear-mongering American politicians, (not to mention countless other corrupt and unprincipled world leaders of the recent and not-so-recent past), double-dealing Wall Street financiers, jargon-spouting middle managers, white-collar charlatans, and self-righteous hypocrites from all fields of human endeavor. Needless to say, it’s a slightly raunchy love song.

In this jazz-inflected tune, Katvanger once again offers up its distinctive combination of dubious blues and twisted roots, featuring the raspy vocals of lead singer Jim Wake, a bit of gypsy jazz guitar, and even some old-fashioned doo-wop backing vocals.

‘Back to the Basics’ hints at what you might get from a chance encounter between Ry Cooder, Tom Waits, Django Reinhardt, and Flo and Eddie.

As was the case with our last release, we are releasing the new single on Aldora Britain Records.

‘Back to the Basics’ is officially available from our Bandcamp site on the following URL: