Single I Eamonn McCormack – Living Hell


Sinister blues rocker Living Hell out now!

Irish blues rock legend Eamonn McCormack has a new single and lyric video out, and this Living Hell turned out so sinister that if it was a hurting creature, it would bleed black. Dealing with the criminogenic nature of drug prohibition and institutionalized war mongery, the song’s musical direction could make it sail on the darkest depths of post metal with ease.

Opening a new record with a slow hand and lines such as “Oh is there a dark shadow on their soul / Blood dripping from their hands yeah / Oh the devils work in this living hell” puts Eamonn in a good position to becoming the enfant terrible of heavy blues rock. It’s just his way of facepalming his marketing guys and the industry’s “best practices”: “I don’t want silly fun sports with strings, I want my music to reflect life,” the guitar whiz clarifies. “And in our lives – in this world – you start slow and get going. As awareness solidifies and consciousness grows, you speed it up, eventually working your way towards happiness. Whether you’ve just been born or you just woke up in the morning, that’s how it is!”


Eamonn McCormack - Living Hell