Rick Holmstrom – Get It!


Rick Holmstrom - Get It!

Renowned Guitarist Rick Holmstrom to release new instrumental album
Get It! on March 4, 2022

Rick Holmstrom has stories. Thirty-three years of hurtling around the globe in metal tubes will do that. From his early days with blues and soul artists like William Clarke, Smokey Wilson, Johnny Dyer and Booker T. to his 15 year run with gospel/soul/civil rights legend Mavis Staples, the guitarist/bandleader has seen a lot. He’s also proven pandammit-prolific, releasing See That Light in early 2021 and on March 4th returning to one of his original passions, instrumental music, with Get It!

Today he released a new video for “Bubbles”, the second single. Says Holmstrom: “I’ve had enough existential post apocalyptic doom. Right now I just want to have a funky good time!”

Get It! is an exciting set of burners bringing all the style and charm Holmstrom’s trio conjures nightly with Mavis Staples. “We made this record for good times…BBQs, parties, car rides…lots of 2 1/2 minute songs…it was a blast to make,” Holmstrom says.

Holmstrom and his bandmates, Steve Mugalian and Gregory Boaz, produced Get It! in various studios and garages throughout LA. “Most of it was recorded in Steve’s garage,” he says, “…and why not, garages and funky joints are where we play our best shit anyway.”

After teaming up with bluesman Johnny Dyer early in his career, Holmstrom released his first instrumental album, ‘Lookout’ in 1996, earning praise from the Washington Post, Playboy and LA Weekly, among others. In the years since he has released innovative albums that highlight blues, funk, roots and soul with a seeming ease, in addition to his recordings with Staples. Bob Boilen from NPR raved; ”…the band is crucial, discerning and supportive. Rick Holmstrom is her soulful guitarist — Staples called him ‘Pops Jr.’…” Get It! follows his 2021 release, See That Light, the first on his own label, LuEllie Records, which garnered praise from the likes of the Associated Press, Yahoo!, American Songwriter and No Depression.

Over the years, Holmstrom has released 6 solo records on labels including Black Top, Tone Cool and M.C. Records, as well as winning a Grammy in 2011 with Staples (You Are Not Alone) and nominations in 2015, 2013 and 2009. He has toured with Johnny Dyer, William Clarke, Rod Piazza, Booker T and played with Staples on tours with Bob Dylan and Bonnie Raitt. In 2014 he and Staples performed for President Obama at the 50th Anniversary of the Civil Rights Act.

Website: https://rickholmstrom.com/

Rick Holmstrom