Review: Kid Andersen – Spirits & Lisa “Little Baby” Andersen – Soul


Kid Andersen – Spirits & Lisa “Little Baby” Andersen - Soul

Kid Andersen – Spirits & Lisa “Little Baby” Andersen – Soul
Format: CD / Label: Little Village
Release: 2024

Text: Pascal Wilhelm

The Greaseland USA studio run by Kid Andersen and his wife Lisa is a magical place. During the Covid-19 pandemic, I enjoyed virtually watching the recording sessions that went on and later the garden band performances they organized with numerous marvelous musicians. Hundred and fifty albums in 10 years were cut in Greaseland, a small place packed with vintage instruments and recording equipment. Every time I watch a Greaseland video, I imagine how great it must be to be part of the Greaseland bubble.

Thirteen songs with Lisa (‘Soul’) and nine songs starring Kid (‘Spirits’) on this double album release. Good thing that they now present work in which they are the stars instead of always helping others shine.

And of course, this album is far from disappointing, lightyears away from that in the opposite direction. The album presents a mix of Kid/Lisa originals and well-picked cover songs.

Lisa’s exceptional talent as a singer shows on “Why not me”, a song about a girl that always is the support of a male friend in his romantic adventures but secretly wants him for herself.

All thirteen songs are of consistent quality, musically, vocally and lyrically (“Slipped through my fingers like tiny grains of sand”).

The album is funded by the Little Village foundation, a non-profit record company that supports musicians who might not otherwise be heard. In doing so, they intend “to further the belief that a life filled with diverse music builds empathy making for stronger communities and a better world.” If you have some money spent why should you NOT support their cause? (

But excuse me, this is an album review. Over to Kid’s ‘Spirits’ then. What is there to say about Christoffer? An incredible guitar player, producer and funny, intelligent human being. And he also sings!

The songs on ‘Spirits’ show his versality. They are quite varied and tend to be more reflective and funny than Lisa’s, who has a more consistent style.

His guitar playing is still his main asset, I think (listen to I Ain’t Right). And his showmanship (Day Tripper is a good example; totally over the top, but in a good way). I particularly like The Civilized Life which illustrates Kid’s doomy view on adjusting to civilized life.

Rick Estrin’s songwriting influence is apparent here. My advice to Kid: don’t. Your life is about nurturing and expressing your talent and helping others expressing theirs. And be a civilized spouse, of course. Haha! Got ya!


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