Review: Chris Cain – Good Intentions Gone Bad


Chris Cain - Good Intensions Gone Bad

Chris Cain – Good Intensions Gone Bad
Format: CD – Vinyl LP – Digital / Label: Alligator Records
Release: 2024

Text: Pascal Wilhelm

“I remember when I was a kid, my Dad would be mowing the lawn with the stereo blasting Muddy Waters. When I look back, that was pretty cool.”

Chris Cain (1955) is a unique talent that taught himself to play guitar at the age of eight. He studied music at San Jose City College and masters the piano, bass guitar, clarinet, alto and tenor saxophone.

It is obvious that he is heavily influenced by the kings; Albert, B.B. and Freddy. On Fear Is My New Roommate and  Time To Cry you can hear how he masters Albert’s guitar style. His singing is B.B.’s. His ferocious stage playing is Freddy’s.

If I am not mistaken, ‘Good Intentions Gone Bad’ should be his eleventh album and it is an excellent royal mix. When you see him play nowadays when almost in his 70’s, his playing is as intense as a rooky who just enters the scene.

Chris is a fabulous guitar player, singer and showman. What about this record? Well, it is an excellent exposition of Chris’ work; big band blues with his ES-335 and voice in the lead, well recorded and played by musicians who know what they are doing.

However, you might sometimes miss a little bit of authenticity in this work. This is what happens when you sound so much like your heroes. But I sell him short here, because it is commendable that he keeps the royal blues legacy alive, like Joe Bonamassa does to an extent. They should be given credit for this, of course, but it is also nice to hear new voices and sounds in the blues occasionally.

But Chris can’t help it, this is exactly what he must do, and he does it well. I dearly hope he will continue to do so for many more years. Be careful with that straight tequila Chris!

01. Too Little Too Late
02. Fear Is My New Roommate
03. Good Intentions
04. Waiting For The Sun To Rise
05. I Was Wrong
06. Time To Cry
07. Still Drinking Straight Tequilla
08. Bad Dream
09. Had About All I Can Take
10. Blues For My Dad
11. TGIF
12. Never Let You Break My Heart
13. Thankful