Sonny Gullage – Go Be Free


Sonny Gullage - Go Be Free

Sonny Gullage – Go Be Free
Format: CD – Vinyl LP – Digital
Label: Blind Pig Records
Release: 2024

Release date: August 23, 2024

Rising blues star Sonny Gullage announces his highly anticipated new album, ‘Go Be Free,’ and unveils the video for the title track and first single

Penned by Gullage and producer Tom Hambridge, the electrifying song opens with the kind of stomping beat you’d hear in a Southern church, driven by a dynamic groove. Sonny’s vocals resonate with wisdom and warmth as the song swells with a euphoric feeling that’s equal parts gospel salvation and blues-based self-realization.

“Go Be Free tells the story of my upbringing in the South, growing and finding my way,” Sonny shares. “Traveling the road of life eventually led me to finding the blues. Many of the greats share their stories of how they found it, whether it was at the crossroads or through someone who did them wrong. For me, I found the blues while I was becoming the man I am today.”


01. Just Kiss Me, Baby
02. Go Be Free
03. Things I Can’t Control
04. Separate Ways
05. Worried About The Young
06. Blues All Over You
07. I’ve Been There
08. Stop That Stuff
09. Tattooed Wings
10. Hot House
11. File It Under Blues
12. Home To You