Peter Storm & The Blues Society – Second


Peter Storm & The Blues Society - Second

Peter Storm & The Blues Society – Second
Format: CD
Label: Naked Records
Release: 2023

Release date: March 10 ,2023

Peter Storm and The Blues Society, the hottest blues band in Portugal, with its own sound signature, strong stage presence, voice and style, dresses with elegance and blends the more conservative side of the Blues with 21st century accents in its original songs by recreating the right timeless atmosphere, taking the audience into an unforgettable journey!

José Reis on bass, Jorge Mister Shuffle Oliveira on drums, Bino Ribeiro on harmonica and guitar and João Belchior on lead guitar and vocals; four experienced musicians sing their original and inspired lyrics from the heart, play their instruments with great skills and always share love!

Recognized by their pairs, they are often invited to play with some of the best international artists touring in Portugal and northern Spain, like Trevor Sewell, Diunna Greenleaf, Shanna Waterstown, Slam Allen, Janice Harrington, to name a few.

“First”, the debut album released in 2020, unveiled the band to the world. “Second”, recorded in Autumn 2022 and to be released in March 2023, contains mostly original lyrics and melodies; new stories to tell, new Blues songs to perform!

Peter Storm and The Blues Society was elected Best Blues Band in Portugal, therefore the band represented its country in the European Blues Challenge in Malmö, Sweden in June 2022. PS&TBS’ great performance didn’t go unnoticed and quickly gained the enthusiasm of everyone present and getting them signed by Benelux blues label NAKED.

Peter Storm & The Blues Society are ready to conquer the International Blues scene!


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