Peter Alexander Jobson – Burn The Ration Books Of Love


Peter Alexander Jobson - Burn The Ration Books Of Love

Peter Alexander Jobson – Burn The Ration Books Of Love
Format: CD – Vinyl LP – Digital
Label: Alexander Song Limited
Release: 2024

Release date: November 15, 2024

“‘Burn The Ration Books of Love’ is an album full of observations and reflections on the life choices I have made and the wages of the future dealt to me by those choices. I am passing on my experiences as I would if we were both sat together and the silence became unwelcome.” Peter Alexander Jobson

When he was a little boy, Peter Alexander Jobson set his village on fire. For 40 years the cause of the blaze in the Northumberland fishing village of Alnmouth has remained a mystery to its 444 inhabitants. But no more. With the release of his first solo album ‘Burn The Ration Books Of Love’, the truth is finally revealed by Peter Alexander Jobson.

“I was 11 or 12, out cycling with an older kid I grew up with, and we’d gone to the shop to buy fags. We went to the sand dunes to smoke and were playing with matches. Next thing the dunes caught fire – then the golf course, and about two miles of the coast, a massive conflagration heading towards the village. We jumped on our bikes and pedalled as far as we could and as fast as we could to get away. Then we hid on the top of the hill overlooking the village and watched as half the village came to help put it out. We waited until it got dark fearing the worst – that we would be locked up or beaten by our parents. We almost burned the village down! And I’ve never told anyone before – not even my parents.”

The secret is out now, on an extraordinary collection that blends genres as diverse as country-flavoured psychedelia and cocktail jazz with the spirit of the Northern variety circuit. With his Northumberland accent and a voice that tells the tale of two decades in smoke-filled rooms followed by late-night drinking sessions, his vocals answer the question: what if Serge Gainsbourg had been born in the North East of England? Inspirations include Leonard Cohen, Tom Waits and Scott Walker, blues and country legends like Robert Johnson and Hank Williams, and Northern entertainers of days past like Les Dawson and the great Jake Thackray.

All those influences come to bear on the first solo album by Jobson, who made his name as bass guitarist and keyboard player in I Am Kloot. After six albums and 16 successful years together the cult trio of Jobson, drummer Andy Hargreaves and singer/guitarist John Bramwell broke up after a final triumphant performance at the Royal Festival Hall as part of the 2016 Meltdown Festival on London’s South Bank.

I Am Kloot were noted for their distinctive sound, the jazzy swing of Jobson and Hargreaves’ rhythm section blended with the dark poetry of Bramwell’s bleak and emotional “songs about drinking and disaster”. Kloot built a fervent following both in the UK and across Europe, culminating in a Mercury Music Prize nomination for their lavish fifth album, ‘Sky At Night’ – produced by Elbow’s Guy Garvey and Craig Potter in 2010.

Since the break-up of the band, Jobson has built a successful career composing and recording soundtracks for film and television. He has also recorded and performed as both a touring musician and support act for Elbow and for fellow North East artist Nadine Shah. Between these hectic periods of live commitments, Jobson also found time to commence work on the 11 songs that make up his debut solo record. Heavily autobiographical in inspiration, the songs on ‘Burn The Ration Books Of Love’ are deeply rooted in Jobson’s lived experience, and in his geographical roots in Northumberland, with its wild, windswept coastline, rugged hills and moors, and extensive agricultural farmland where his family have worked the land for generations. There’s also a rich history of poetry and storytelling from the region, from which Jobson has drawn inspiration – and is now an example.

From wistful reflections of a childhood that almost went up in smoke, to channelling his smouldering talents into some of his most autobiographical songs to date; ‘Burn The Ration Books Of Love’ finds Peter Alexander Jobson blazing a new trail all his own and delivering some of the finest work of his career.


01. Holiday (Live)
02. Mountain
03. The Night Of The Fire
04. Taxi Supplies
05. Go Go
06. Foolish Boy
07. Please Please Please
08. Home
09. Kesta
10. Just ‘Cause I’m Dead
11. Burn The Ration Books Of Love


Peter Alexander Jobson - Mountain

‘Mountain’ is the follow up to last month’s haunting and sublime first single ‘Burn The Ration Books Of Love’. Produced by Ben Christophers and featuring Elbow’s Guy Garvey on backing vocals, the single is accompanied by an intimate performance video