Maurizio Glielmo – Beggars And Liars


Maurizio Glielmo - Beggars And Liars

Maurizio Glielmo – Beggars And Liars
Format: CD
Label: Appaloosa Records – Continental Record Services
Release: 2022

“Beggars and Liars” is the new album by Maurizio Glielmo, who for over three decades has been one of the household names on the Italian blues scene with his Gnola Blues Band.

The album contains ten songs – eight originals and two cover songs (by John Hiatt and Dan Penn) – recorded over the last year. Maurizio Gnola Glielmo is backed by an excellent band of long-time collaborators, including Cesare Nolli, Paolo Legramandi, Nik Taccori, and Roger Mugnaini.

Mixing bluesy and rock vibes, the record still retains that distinctive innovative sound that has been a constant of Maurizio Glielmo’s albums for the last few years.

The originals are penned by Edward Abbiati, who’s become one of Maurizio’s go-to co-writers, Jimmy Ragazzon, and Gianni Rava. Produced by “TheGoosebumpsBros”, recorded at FIREPLACE ROOM STUDIO, and mixed by Cesare Nolli, “Beggars and Liars” is released on Appaloosa Records and distributed by IRD International Record Distribution and CRS.


01. Ain’t No Place To Go
02. No Way Outta Here
03. Evil Eye
04. Always Been There
05. Baby’s Gonna Kick
06. Something Is Changing
07. Judgement Day
08. I Got Hurt
09. Stay With Me
10. You Left The Water Running