Mark Sims – Take Me Faster


Mark Sims - Take Me Faster

Mark Sims – Take Me Faster
Format: CD
Label: Independent
Release: 2024

Release date: July 5, 2024

Mark Sims’ latest album, ‘Take Me Faster’ is a pastiche of the folk, blues, country, Americana and alternative music that he grew up with

It would be hard to make an authentic folk record after having been exposed to the wide sonic landscape of contemporary music, but it would also be hard to ignore the folk, blues and country sounds of the past.

Mark lives in this struggle for balance and is continually striving to create something new with his collection of old skills. ‘Take Me Faster’ encompasses many classic themes such as grief, family life, poverty, social justice and love but tries at every step to be authentic to the now and to create a snapshot of where Mark is as a person and songwriter.

Mark is a husband, father, bricklayer and musician and many of his personal experiences are woven into the songs. He is also keenly aware of the world that his children are growing up in and the larger issues that we all face and finds ways to incorporate the bigger picture throughout his songs.


01. Small Town Blues 03:30
02. This Beautiful World 04:20
03. It Never Ends 03:25
04. Hold On To Me 03:56
05. Sometimes I Feel 04:05
06. Oh That I Could 04:33
07. The Blue Dube 03:27
08. Sitting On The Porch 03:32
09. Carrot On A Stick 03:43
10. I’m Always By Your Side 03:43
11. Take Me Faster 05:29

Mark Sims: Guitars, vocals, percussion, keyboards
Brian Epp: guitar, backing vocals and keyboards on Small Town Blues