Mark Brown – Happy Hour


Mark Brown - Happy Hour

Mark Brown – Happy Hour
Format: CD – Digital
Label: Independent
Release: 2024

Release date: July 5, 2024

Meet Mark Brown, an epitome of Americana music

It all started when Mark got his hands on his first Johnny Cash record at the tender age of 6. That vinyl became his prized possession, spinning tales of love, heartache, and the raw essence of American life. He listened until the grooves wore thin, absorbing every note and image like a sponge. It was a pivotal moment in 1975 when a farrier took him to his very first Tom Waits show that ignited a fire in Mark’s soul. The music set fire to the barn, flipped the car in the ditch, and transformed Mark’s trajectory forever. From that moment on, he knew music wasn’t just a passion but a calling.

Mark has been honing his craft, writing songs that are as carefully constructed as a Swiss watch, yet with a soulful integrity that resonates like an old grandfather clock. His music never takes itself too seriously, reflecting the down-to-earth charm that defines Americana.

With his band Uncle Buckle, Mark has shared stages and crafted memories. Now, with his third album, he’s exploring his solo sound with a backing band of both longtime collaborators and newfound friends. Together, they create a musical tapestry that paints vivid scenes of back roads, tar paper shacks, hope, heartbreak and a few cans of beer along with a cast of characters that are at once hard to place but at the same time oddly familiar.

In his latest album, ‘Happy Hour,’ Mark’s distinctive voice is accompanied by his band of longtime friends, Ken McGloin joining in on guitar, Mark Murphy on bass, Dean Sharp on drums and the versatile talents of Dean Jones. When they play, it’s as if the time stands still, the lights dim and fine but agreeable dust settles in the room transporting listeners to another place where the roads are narrow and winding, the fields wide and the mountains high.

Beyond the studio and stage, Mark takes his music on the road and has captivated audiences in Ireland, Alaska and some places in between with his solo tours. His singing and songwriting skills have garnered attention and praise solidifying his status as a rising star in the Americana scene.

So next time you’re in need of a musical journey through the heartland of America, look no further than Mark Brown. With each strum of his guitar and every lyric he sings, he invites you to join him on a road trip through the soul of Americana.


01. Scratch (2:59)
02. Davenport (3:34)
03. Inertia (3:12)
04. Happy Hour* (3:33)
05. Long Time (1:50)
06. Gasoline Hands (2:54)
07. Broken Glass (4:09)
08. Acetone (2:42)
09. Deer Cut and Wrapped (3:00)
10. Napanoch (2:40)
11. God Bless Me Jesus (2:31)
12. The Ridge (2:13)
13. PCP (0:51)
14. The Unanswered Prayer (2:02)

Mark Brown – guitar, vocals
Dean Jones – keyboards, banjo, vocals
Ken McGloin – guitar
Mark Murphy – bass
Dean Sharp – Drums
Dakota Holden – pedal steel
Katie Mullins – vocals
Warren and Wayne – yelling