Lilly Martin – Lookout


Lilly Martin - Lookout

Lilly Martin – Lookout
Format: CD – Digital
Label: Independent
Release: 2022

Release date: May 27, 2022

The Blues – understanding the bottom line of being alive in this world. Soul Music – rising above the reality of this world. Lilly Martin sings both, the blues and soul, honestly and with intensity, because she knows what she is singing about.

On the new album ‘Lookout’, which will be released on May 27, 2022, the winner of the “Swiss Blues Award” 2020 is showing all facets of her creativity. A new phase is starting. “Lookout”, that means as much as looking from the inside out, or in other words: change the perspective. With new maturity and serenity. This is where Lilly Martin’s accumulated experience enters the picture.

It is a new highlight in her career. Together with her partner, the multi-instrumentalist Michael Dolmetsch, she creates soul-blues in her own unique style, with influences from gospel, R&B and Motown. Eight original compositions are included on the new album of this singer, who has also written songs with many other artists. “I was encouraged by the positive reactions to my older songs and also by winning the “Swiss Blues Award” to present even more original pieces this time.” Songs like the soulful “Good Love”, which is about the search for the great love, about never giving up on this search. Or “Waiting for the Fog to Lift,” a slow blues in which Lilly Martin describes how she survives melancholy moments. Feelings and situations that everyone knows and that she is describing here in a haunting way.

Besides her own songs, Lilly Martin is also delivering well-chosen cover versions. No wonder she calls herself a “genre outlaw” because the stylistic range is wide. “Desperado” by the Eagles, “Leavin'” by singer/songwriter Shelby Lynne, “Driving Wheel”, an old Blues by Roosevelt Sykes, and, as a real surprise, “Soul Searching” by the Californian Beach Boys. On one hand, this selection adds to the album’s complexity, and on the other, Lilly Martin demonstrates one of her great qualities: she effortlessly makes these songs from other people’s her own.


01. Before You Love Me
02. Good Love
03. Soul Searching
04. Down For The Heal
05. Let’s Call It What It Is
06. Desperado
07. Battleground Blues
08. Driving Wheel
09. Waiting For The Fog To Lift
10. Melancholy Room
11. Leavin
12. Where Do I Go From Here