Lightnin Malcolm – Eye Of The Storm


Lightnin Malcolm - Eye Of The Storm

Lightnin Malcolm – Eye Of The Storm
Format: CD
Label: Whiskey Bayou Records
Release: 2022

Release date: October 21, 2022

Whiskey Bayou Records is excited to present trail-blazing guitarist, singer, and songwriter Lightnin’ Malcolm’s new album, EYE OF THE STORM. Lightnin’ Malcolm has walked among the giants of North Mississippi Blues – playing alongside R.L. Burnside, T Model Ford, and Big Jack Johnson, co-founding the Wrecking Crew with Cedric Burnside, and touring as a member of the North Mississippi Allstars. He’s received first-hand knowledge of the music, the feel, and the lives of the Hill Country musicians who created it.

On EYE OF THE STORM it’s evident that Lightnin’ Malcolm has now become the teacher, the mentor, the legend. Produced by internationally acclaimed musician Tab Benoit for his Louisiana-based Whiskey Bayou label, EYE OF THE STORM is 11 tracks of “real deal” Hill Country Blues. Malcolm is joined by drummer Brady Blade with special appearances by Tab Benoit on drums and Tony Hall (Dumpstaphunk) on bass guitar.

Malcolm expresses his enthusiasm: “Brady and I are always spontaneously explosive, and when Tony Hall (of Neville Brothers and Dumpstaphunk) also stopped by and played bass, it was like getting the keys to a Ferrari… I try to keep the music honest and direct like my heroes did. I add a modern twist to reflect this present moment in time, just like they did. They reached way back and pushed way forward at the same time and were pioneers of ancient sounds.”

EYE OF THE STORM’s eleven tracks demonstrate Malcolm’s total mastery of Hill Country Blues as well as his ability to stretch the envelope a bit. Songs like “Lord Above”, “Modern Reminder”, and “Jungle” find Malcolm’s guitar working with the drums to create a classic Hill Country hypnotic drive, while songs like the title track and “Lift Us Up” find Malcolm working with a more contemporary song structure and singing melodically over a wider vocal range.

When not on the road touring coast to coast playing for music fans, Malcolm is home playing in juke joints across the South where the music feels most comfortable. Whether playing in a backcountry juke joint, an urban night club or an international concert venue, Malcolm is clearly the Real Deal, and his deep soulfulness comes shining through.

“I went there in winter and saw Lightnin’ Malcolm with Kimbrough’s grandson, playing hip hop drums against this grinding, excessive guitar thing. It was really good, fire baskets blazing and the stars over the Mississippi. Suddenly I thought wow, how did I get here?” –Robert Plant


01. Lord Above
02. Crawlin Baby
03. Eye of the Storm
04. Modern Reminder
05. Jungle
06. Latest Devil
07. Provide
08. Lift Us Up
09. Louisiana Breeze
10. Too Many Nights
11. Let’s Get Together