Justin Townes Earle – All In: Unreleased & Rarities (The New West Years)


Justin Townes Earle - All In: Unreleased & Rarities (The New West Years)

Justin Townes Earle – All In Unreleased & Rarities (The New West Years)
Format: CD – Vinyl LP – Digital
Label: New West Records
Release: 2024

Release date: August 9, 2024



The 2xLP/19-track set features 12 previously unreleased recordings and 6 never-before-heard songs written and recorded during Justin’s final years

A deluxe, limited & numbered edition includes a 52-page hardbound book featuring unpublished images by the acclaimed photographer Joshua Black Wilkins. Also included are liner notes written by Justin’s wife Jenn Marie Earle and new reminiscences by Black Wilkins and ALL IN co-producers Adam Bednarik and Kim Buie.

ALL IN is a fitting tribute to Justin’s considerable impact and artistic legacy. A unique talent steeped in the storytelling of honkytonk country and rural blues, he possessed the rare ability to build upon the music that came before him while creating something distinctive and forward thinking. Across 8 studio albums in just over 10 years, he developed a novelist’s eye for telling details, a poet’s capacity for emotional nuance, and a wry sense of humor that enlivened every song. Most of all, he wrote out of compassion and empathy: Justin was a tireless champion of the underdog, as though he believed his music might offer hope and consolation to the listener. Justin Townes Earle died on August 20, 2020 at 38 years old.

Says Jenn Marie Earle: “Justin wanted to be known for his writing. He began two books that all of us wish he’d had the time to finish. What we are left with is nothing short of extraordinary. He took his time, he poured his pain and heart into his writing, into his human experience. Justin left a mark on many thousands of people worldwide. We will forever be able to delve into and learn so much from what he created, how he held himself in this world, how he soared, and how he fell. There are so many deeply profound aspects of Justin Townes Earle for his loved ones and fans alike to embrace for all time.”

Today sees the release of a new video for Justin’s soulful rendition of Fleetwood Mac’s “Dreams.” Directed by Joshua Black Wilkins, the clip features footage shot with Justin in New York City, Asheville, NC, and Nashville, TN.

n 2017, Justin signed to New West Records and released the elegiac Kids in the Street, which used New Orleans r&b and Stax horns to reckon with his younger self. The following year, he began making demo recordings for what would become his final album, 2019’s universally acclaimed The Saint of Lost Causes. That album was both his most vulnerable and the most adventurous of his career, mixing sociopolitical character sketches with stories of personal darkness. The earliest versions of “Over Alameda,” “Appalachian Nightmare,” and the title track anchor ALL IN, along with recordings of 6 never-before-heard compositions that Justin was considering for inclusion. Rounding out the track listing are two live recordings from his 2017 appearance on the SiriusXM radio show Hardcore Troubadour, hosted by Justin’s father Steve Earle, as well as his insightful covers of songs made famous by Bruce Springsteen, Fleetwood Mac, Paul Simon, John Prine, Jackie Brenston & Ike Turner, and Mance Lipscomb.

Adam Bednarik, who was Justin’s longtime friend, collaborator, and producer, says, “I witnessed firsthand Justin’s ability to captivate an audience while performing onstage night after night and to capture a first take in the studio. That will forever remain awe-inspiring to me. He is one of the best artists—if not the best—that I have ever had the privilege of working with. I will always be grateful for our friendship and the music we created together.”

Joshua Black Wilkins covered every photo shoot for every recording Justin released, beginning with his 2007 debut EP, Yuma. Their relationship spanned the professional as well as the personal, as the pair produced thousands upon thousands of photographs over the years. Black Wilkins personally selected his own favorites to include in the limited-edition book. “Had I not befriended and photographed Justin in 2006, I would not have a photography career,” he says. “Nearly every music-related photoshoot I’ve done can be traced back to the 14-year body of work I was entrusted to make. I hope you can see in his eyes and body language the openness he gave to my camera—and to me. I’ve said many times, and to many people, that I got on the ‘JTE train’ in December of 2006 and never got off. And I’m honored daily to be able to share what that looked like.”

Website: https://www.justintownesearle.com/home

01. Cold Comfort (Unreleased demo for The Saint of Lost Causes)
02. Already Gone (Unreleased demo for The Saint of Lost Causes)
03. I Know You (Unreleased demo for The Saint of Lost Causes)
04. Troubled Eyes (Unreleased demo for The Saint of Lost Causes)
05. Lonely Mornings (Unreleased demo for The Saint of Lost Causes)
06. All or Nothing (Unreleased demo for The Saint of Lost Causes)
07. If I Was The Devil (Unreleased Demo for Kids in the Street)
08. Champagne Corolla (Live on Steve Earle’s Hardcore Troubadour Radio Show on SiriusXM)
09. So Different Blues (Live on Steve Earle’s Hardcore Troubadour Radio Show on SiriusXM)
10. Dreams (Fleetwood Mac cover/ Unreleased bonus track from The Saint of Lost Causes)
11. Rocket 88 (Jackie Brenston & Ike Turner cover/Unreleased bonus track from The Saint of Lost Causes)
12. The Saint Of Lost Causes (Unreleased demo for The Saint of Lost Causes – a work in progress)
13. Appalachian Nightmare (Unreleased demo for The Saint of Lost Causes)
14. Appalachian Nightmare (Album version from The Saint of Lost Causes)
15. Over Alameda (Unreleased Demo for The Saint of Lost Causes)
16. Over Alameda (Album version from The Saint of Lost Causes)
17. Glory Days (From Dead Man’s Town: A Tribute to Born in the U.S.A.)
18. Far From Me (From Broken Hearts & Dirty Windows: Songs of John Prine)
19. Graceland (Bonus track from Kids in the Street, limited 7-inch release)

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