JD McPherson – Nite Owls


JD McPherson - Nite Owls

JD McPherson – Nite Owls
Format: CD – Vinyl LP – Digital
Label: New West Records
Release: 2024

Release date: September 27, 2024

JD McPherson has created something unique and amazing with his latest album, Nite Owls, his first album release since 2018’s critically acclaimed Christmas classic, SOCKS

Over the past 5+ years, McPherson has stayed consistently busy writing new songs while at the same time touring with Alison Krauss and Robert Plant. Being a touring musician offers the chance to see the sights, tour the town and pick up some inspiration from the local record shop.

With ‘Nite Owls,’ JD wanted to try something new and different. He wanted to take the inspiration from multiple decades and styles and incorporate them into his own sound. “The initial idea for the record was: It’s like if The late-60s Ventures were the session band on the first New Order record.” Says, McPherson. Idea achieved.

‘Nite Owls’ delivers the signature sounds of vintage garage-rock while also seamlessly bridging the sounds of Bowie and Alan Vega. Songs such as “Sunshine Getaway”, “The Rock and Roll Girls” and “I Can’t Go Anywhere with You” sound like Chuck Berry is jamming with Buddy Holly.

While songs like “Nite Owls” and “Don’t Travel Through the Night Alone” give a nod to the Factory sound from the UK. The throwback sound of the lone instrumental track “The Phantom Lover of New Rochelle” would make Dick Dale ride and Link Wray rumble. With Nite Owls, McPherson takes inspiration from multiple genres of the past and combines them together to evolve a sound that is all his own.

Website: https://www.jdmcpherson.com/

01. Sunshine Getaway
02. I Can’t Go Anywhere with You (Feat. Bloodshot Bill)
03. Just Like Summer
04. Nite Owls
05. Shining Like Gold
06. The Rock and Roll Girls
07. Baby Blues
08. The Phantom Lover of New Rochelle
09. Don’t Travel Through the Night Alone
10. That’s What a Love Song Does to You