Geraint Watkins – Aide Memoire


Geraint Watkins - Aide-Memoire

Geraint Watkins – Aide-Memoire
Format: CD – Digital
Label: Last Music Company – Continental Record Services
Release: 2023

Release date: April 7, 2023

Geraint Meurig Vaughan Watkins is a Welsh singer, songwriter, rock and roll pianist and accordionist. He has backed many notable artists, including Nick Lowe, Dave Edmunds, Van Morrison, Mark Knopfler, Paul McCartney, Roy St. John, Shakin’ Stevens and most recently Status Quo. He has also pursued a solo career and issued a number of albums under his own name. He has also played on numerous albums of Dutch band Normaal.

‘Aide-Memoire’ is a forty-one track two CD set which draws attention to a wondrous selection of material from albums in a solo career that has only rarely been glimpsed between Watkins’ distinguished work for other artists. Most of these songs are examples of his own compositions – shaped by a broad and impeccable taste in music – with the bonus of a small clutch of fabulous renderings of some classic titles, incomparably re-modelled by the same pair of hands.


CD 1
01. Deep In The Heart Of Texas
02. Man Smart Woman Smarter
03. Nobody
04. Fine Fine Fine
05. Sacre Blue
06. I Don’t Wanna Be In Love
07. Allons Rock ‘n’ Roll
08. Johnny Be Good
09. Secret Love
10. My Happy Day
11. I Love Being In Love
12. Don’t Stop
13. Sweetheart
14. Don’t Knock It
15. Honey Honey
16. It’s Over
17. It’s A Wonderful Life (Again)
18. Two Rocks
19. Turn That Chicken Down
20. Heroes And Villains
21. Soldier Of Love
22. Only A Rose
23. Go West

CD 2
01. Heaven
02. Easy To Say ‘Bon Temps Rouler’
03. Champion
04. Chagrin
05. Jenni
06. Heart Of The City
07. House On The Prairie
08. Walking To Milwaukee
09. Keep On
10. All Around The World
11. Shine A Light
12. Rush Of Blood
13. Middle Of The Night
14. Heaven Only Knows
15. On The Nside
16. On My Mind
17. I Got The Blues
18. Another Day Over (Reprise)