Don Michael Sampson – The Fall Of The Western Sun


Don Michael Sampson - The Fall Of The Western Sun

Don Michael Sampson – The Fall Of The Western Sun
Format: CD
Label: Appaloosa Records – Continental Record Services
Release: 2022

Release date: June 17, 2022

Don Michael Sampson is an outstanding singer-songwriter who has a rich history of creating significant records and has always considered the album as a unique art form. Over the years, he has published ten records and has gained the appreciation of many fellow artists (most notably Neil Young and Warren Haynes), who are often credited as guests in his songs.

“The Fall Of The Western Sun” was recorded live in Los Angeles and Nashville studios over a span of many years and it is a tribute to the great musicians who played with him. It features Ben Keith, Roly Salley, Don Heffington, Becky Burns, Paulinho Da Costa, Clydene Jackson, Joyce Wilson, Jay Spell, Jack Bone, Joyce Kidwell, Elvin Myers, Frank Reckard, Chad Cromwell, Michael Rhodes, and Warren Haynes.

Don Michael Sampson presents us with his signature mix of Americana country-veined music, wonderfully poetic lyrics, and the occasional rock ‘n’ roll or bluesy song. Introducing “The Fall Of The Western Sun”, he eloquently wrote:

“These songs are your songs / They are sunlight and shade / They are wild flowers in Summer / They are blood on the blade / They are rough back roads / They are joys and sorrows / They are spinning wild wheels / They are yesterdays e tomorrows // They are from old beat up guitars / With ancients strings wound / From the dust of the stars / They are played with a fever / Tracked when day gives way to night / They come from the darkness / They come from the light // So all of you outlaw warriors / Stay up and on the run / These songs are your songs / The Fall Of The Western Sun.”


01. Rolling Time Train
02. Everybody’s Leaving This Old Town
03. Wedding Song
04. New Book
05. Crimson Sparkle of High Wind Wheels
06. Wild Rose of Florence
07. Bad Water
08. Stop Those Tears
09. Cast Off The Lines
10. Sweet Tennessee Nights