Charlotte Wessels – Tales From Six Feet Under Vol II


Charlotte Wessels - Tales From Six Feet Under Vol II

Charlotte Wessels – Tales From Six Feet Under Vol II
Format: CD – Vinyl LP – Digital
Label: Napalm Records

Release: 2022

Release date: October 7, 2022

CHARLOTTE WESSELS weaves a lavish realm of rock, pop, metal and beyond!

Ruling stages worldwide and delivering her inimitable voice and stunning charisma into the hearts of her devotees, former DELAIN vocalist/composer CHARLOTTE WESSELS continues her successful solo journey by unveiling the new album, ‘Tales From Six Feet Under Vol II,’ out October 7, 2022, via Napalm Records.

After embarking on this adventurous ride with her enchanting compilation record, Tales From Six Feet Under (2021), the upcoming endeavor marks the next proof of Wessels’ multifaceted nature and wide artistic range that is deeply supported by fans and critics alike.

Together with the album announcement, CHARLOTTE WESSELS has released the first single and official video from the new full-length, entitled “Against All Odds”. The gentle ballad comes along with an atmospheric music video and grants a first look at her new piece of art. The song presents Wessels’ softer, poetic side within intimate surroundings, featuring calm vocals and an acoustic guitar strummed delicately by Timo Somers (also ex-DELAIN).

The video for “Against All Odds” was recorded on an empty stage at TivoliVredenburg, capturing the calm before the storm as CHARLOTTE WESSELS will bring Tales From Six Feet Under I and II to the stage for the first time on October 23 at this special location.

CHARLOTTE WESSELS on “Against All Odds”:
“’Against All Odds’ might seem like an odd choice for a first glimpse of this record – isn’t it the rule to start off with something upbeat and heavy? That rule is broken here – but it embodies the introspection and anticipation of starting over again. While the lyrics can be interpreted for many different scenarios – it was especially meaningful to record a video for the song on the empty stage of TivoliVredenburg, the setting of both the last gig I performed pre-Covid, and the first ever show with my new material coming up October 23. I am dying to get back out there.”

As on the previous album, instruments and vocals were performed/programmed and produced by Wessels herself in her very own Six Feet Under Studio. On the exciting new offering, her styles range from melancholic alt-pop to synth-infused rock and connect atmospheric elements with harder sounds, crossing genre boundaries with ease.

Starting with captivating synth-flavored track “Venus Rising”, CHARLOTTE WESSELS’ lures the listener into her multifaceted world of sound to be spellbound within the blink of an eye. Following “Human To Ruin” mesmerizes with a sweet melody that breaks into a propelling metal track, where calmer parts alter with powerful break outs. Wessels releases her power on other commanding tracks like “The Phantom Touch” and “Good Dog”, while on “The Final Roadtrip”, she presents the full range of her vocal prowess atop carefully balanced electronic beats and indie soundscapes. “Toxic” comes with an obscure, captivating whispering sound that turns into a strong sonic wall, as the album then fades out with the honest atmospheric gems “I Forget” featuring a cello performance by Elianne Anemaat, and “Utopia”.

This eclectic wealth of songs proves Wessels’ exceptional ability to express the most sincere feelings and emotions within her art and her distinct intuition for the combination of seemingly different genres. Tales From Six Feet Under Vol II is an enchanting portent of CHARLOTTE WESSELS’ further multifaceted endeavors.


01. Venus Rising
02. Human To Ruin
03. The Phantom Touch
04. Against All Odds
05. A Million Lives
06. The Final Roadtrip
07. Good Dog
08. Toxic
09. I Forget
10. Utopia

Tales From Six Feet Under – Live in Concert:
23 oktober:
TivoliVredenburg – Ronda – Utrecht


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