Al Di Meola – Twentyfour


Al Di Meola - Twentyfour

Al Di Meola – Twentyfour
Format CD – Vinyl LP – Digital
Label: earMUSIC
Release: 2024

Release date: July 19, 2024

Al Di Meola‘s ‘Twentyfour,’ is a testament to creativity. Conceived during the tumultuous times of the pandemic, what started as a simple acoustic project evolved into something much grander. Al’s initial intention to craft a reflective acoustic album on the challenges of the time expanded exponentially as he found himself unable to resist the allure of boundless musical exploration.

Over the span of four years, ‘Twentyfour’ blossomed into a masterpiece, brimming with intricately woven melodies, diverse instrumentation, and captivating highlights. It’s a journey through Al’s musical evolution, showcasing his virtuosity and vision in those special times. Each track is a moment within these four years and a contemporary witness to the events. ‘Twentyfour’ is availabe as of July 19th.


01. Fandango
02. Tears Of Hope
03. Esmeralda
04. Capriccio Suite
05. Ava’s Dance In The Moonlight
06. Immeasurable Part1
07. Immeasurable Part2
08. Eden
09. Close Your Eyes
10. Immeasurable Part3
11. Paradox of Puppets
12. For Only You
13. Genetik
14. Testament 24
15. Precocious