Annie Capps – How Can I Say This?


Annie Capps - How Can I Say This

Annie Capps – How Can I Say This?
Format: CD – Digital
Label: Yellow Room Records
Release: 2023

Release date: February 3, 2023

‘How Can I Say This?’ is an impressive new solo project written and produced by veteran singer-songwriter, Annie Capps, featuring a collection of songs representing what she calls “a love letter to my younger self”.

Vulnerability is the dominant theme running throughout the album which explores topics of self-discovery, shame, forgiveness, grief, healing and taking back your power. We find Annie excavating in the way back times of her life, digging up sometimes painful memories with a mature perspective, wisdom and acceptance of how all of our experiences shape who we become. Thoughtfully sequenced into a journey that takes listeners from the early impressionable years and the stories we’re told (in words or action) to the later years where empowerment meets resolve and finally letting go, though not without a hint of lingering grief.

In the opening track ‘My Eden’, we’re immediately hit with a vivid image of innocence before track two, ‘Learning’ viscerally paints the loss of that innocence. ‘Two Different Things’ pokes at our distorted sense of reality and how we relinquish our power, giving way to the title track, ‘How Can I Say This?’, where we are starting to seek the return of that power. ‘The Punch’ takes a spirited look at the idea of being ‘our own worst enemy and ‘My Father’s House’ reveals more childhood memories from a distance and in search of forgiveness. ‘Dirty Little Secret’ and ‘The Silent’ plunge into the underworld of shame, while ‘Riverbound’ is the proverbial hand reaching out of the darkness, shedding the mask. The anthemic ‘Crowded’, with more than 20 voices contributing to its chorus, speaks to the realization that we are not alone. Resolve comes in the last two cuts, ‘Only Sometimes’ and ‘Yesterday’, intentionally leaving you with the feeling that the journey is not over … stay tuned.

An all-women supported project spanning the U.S. and into Canada, How Can I Say This? came to life with contributions from over 40 artists whose exceptional talents culminated into a sonically lush, emotionally charged production, expertly mixed at La Luna Recording & Sound in Kalamazoo, Michigan – first by Cynthea Kelley who got things off to a great start, fully materializing under the artistry of Maggie Heeron, then beautifully mastered by Anna Frick of Ally Sound.

The album boasts stunning performances throughout, most notably The Accidentals (Sav Buist and Katie Larson), Tracy Grammer, Heather Pierson, Suzie Vinnick, Telisha Williams (Wild Ponies), Jenny Bienemann, Edie Carey, Louise Mosrie Coombe, Sue Demel & Deb Lader (Sons of the Never Wrong), and many more. You can read the full list at


01. My Eden (3:43)
02. Learning (2:59)
03. Two Different Things (3:15)
04. How Can I Say This? (3:33)
05. The Punch (2:43)
06. My Father’s House (4:00)
07. Dirty Little Secret (3:04)
08. The Silent (3:42)
09. Riverbound (3:08)
10. Crowded (3:07)
11. Only Sometimes (3:25)
12. Yesterday (3:43)

Annie Capps
photo by Rod Capps