John Elefante – The Amazing Grace


John Elefante - The Amazing Grace

John Elefante – The Amazing Grace
Format: CD
Label: Escape Music – Deko Entertainment
Release: 2022

Relaese date: April 22, 2022

John Elefante sang the lead vocals and performed keyboards on two Kansas albums. He was also a major songwriting contributor (along with lead guitarist/keyboardist/songwriter Kerry Livgren).

On 1982’s Vinyl Confessions, he sang the No. 4 Billboard Mainstream Rock hit, “Play the Game Tonight”. He also wrote the acoustic-based classic “Chasing Shadows”, along with the Top 40 single, “Right Away”.

The next year, on the following album, Drastic Measures, he wrote “Fight Fire with Fire”, which remains the band’s highest charting single at No. 3 (Mainstream Rock).

Elefante was also responsible for “Everybody’s My Friend”, which was released as the second single from the album and reached No. 34 on the Billboard Mainstream Rock chart.

01. City Of Grace
02. Stronger Now
03. The Amazing Grace
04. Time Machine
05. Won’t Fade Away
06. Not Alone
07. Falling Into Place
08. We Will Be Fine
09. Little Brown Book
10. And When I’m Gone
11. City Of Grace (long version)

John Elefante (lv, bv, g, k)
Jonell Mosser (v on tr. 1, 11)
Dave Cleveland (g)
Frank Boxberger (g)
Dave Cleveland (ag)
Dustin Blatnik (ag on tr. 6)
Jimmy Nichols (pi on tr. 10)
Anthony Sallee (b)
Dan Needham (d)
Eric Darken (p)
Chris Carmichael (str, ar)