Fred Chapellier – Straight To The Point


Fred Chapellier - Straight To The Point

Fred Chapellier – Straight To The Point
Format: CD – Vinyl LP – Digital
Label: Dixiefrog
Release: 2022

Release date: Februari 25, 2022

‘This strange time had me thinking and putting everything into perspective. And I said to myself, enough of the superfluous, if this is my last album, I don’t want anything unecessary in it; the idea is, ‘Straight to the Point!’ And that’s where the name for the album came from.’

If something well thought out attains perfect form, there’s no doubt that this album is just that, marvelously expressing the quintessence of Fred Chapellier’s music. Composed, played and recorded through the largely difficult and uncertain times of Covid, ‘Straight to the Point’ is a pure diamond, racy and devilishly impressive, tainted with classical blues, Soul steeped in R&B, and all held together with a sublime brass section; you can’t get more authentic! And if comparisons must be made, there’s no doubt the name of Robert Cray often comes to mind bringing that anglo-saxon touch. It could be worse!

01. Blues On My Radio
02. I’d Rather Be Alone
03. I’ve Got To Use My Imagination
04. Mother Earth
05. Remnants
06. Juliette
07. Same For You And Me
08. Tend To It
09. Racing With The Cops
10. Way Past Midnight
11. Where Eagles Die
12. Basketfull Of Blues