Danny Bryant – 02:10 – The Early Years


Danny Bryant - 02:10 - The Early Years

Danny Bryant – 02:10 – The Early Years
Format: CD – Vinyl LP – Digital
Label: Continental Blue Heaven –
Continental Record Services

Release: 2022

Release date: March 11, 2022

Danny Bryant:
’02:10 The Early Years’ is a collection of songs that I have handpicked from the early chapters of my career. This compilation includes songs from six studio albums: from my very first recordings in 2002, all the way up to the end of the decade in 2010.

My dad and I formed the band together in 1999, under the name RedEye Band, with my mum Heather acting as our manager. With my friend and neighbour Andy Burt on drums, and my father Ken on bass, we played at every pub, festival, town celebration, summer fête and wedding that would book us! By the time my first album, Watching You, was released, we were playing over 200 shows a year.

Looking back now, it seems like it all happened in a previous lifetime, as things so often do. Creating those early records feels like a long time ago now, and they serve perfectly as snapshots of each phase of our musical development. Becoming a professional musician was my dream – a dream that I was lucky enough to begin living at twenty years old. The life of a touring recording artist is full of highs and lows, obstacles and challenges, praise and criticism, and constant self improvement to do justice to yourself and, most importantly, your audience. It is a life that I truly love, and a path that I am very proud and thankful to still be on today, twenty one years since that first album.

Having the opportunity to put together a collection of my early work was something I could never have imagined happening all that time ago. Selecting the tracks to be included here was like revisiting old friends: each of them brings back such memories! From our first van (a red ex-postal bus that we painted yellow) to the laughs, challenges and goals chased along the way… I remember it all, and every beautiful memory brings a smile to my face. It was through these early albums and the long formative years of gigs and tours, recording sessions, travelling and writing that I learned to hone my craft – something that I have never stopped working tirelessly on. I sincerely hope that you enjoy what we have put together here, it has been a lot of fun.

Website: https://www.dannybryant.com/

01. Heart Working Overtime 3:20
02. Twenty One 5:21
03. Since You’ve Gone 6:47
04. Shadows Passed 4:14
05. Watching You 4:18
06. Days Like This 8:15
07. Shut Out The Light 3:12
08. Hendrix Jam 3:57
09. Danny’s Blues 9:08
10. Movin’On Back To You 4:33
11. Last Goodbye 4:19
12. Alone In The Dark 8:26