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CRSContinental Records - Free Singles


a FREE download album of 7 singles of current and new releases

Label: CRS/Continental Record Services

01. Jeffrey Halford (Soulful Americana) – Jeffrey Halford – Take It Slow 03:19
02. Kerri Powers (Acoustic Folk) – Kerri Powers – First Time Ever I Saw Your Face 05:06
03. Copperhead County (Southern Rock) – Copperhead County – Solid Ground 03:30
04. Bobby Dove (Country) – Bobby Dove – Gas Station Blues (free) 03:05
05. Lara Taubman – The Water 05:01
06. Erja Lyytinen (Rocking Slide Blues) – Erja Lyytinen – Bad Seed (free) 05:11
07. Leo Koster Band – (country-rock) – Leo Koster Band – I Love My Ricky 03:46
08. Danny Bryant – (Bluesrock) – Danny Bryant – Shut Out The Light 03:06


First single from the upcoming album: ‘Waiting For The Daylight’.
European Blues Award-winning guitarist Erja Lyytinen returns with her new studio album which will be released October 7.
Erja Lyytinen pursued a multitude of activities during the pandemic era, including the release of her rather unique live album ‘Lockdown Live 2020’, her debut autographical book titled ‘The Blues Queen’, a series of guitar tuition manuals as well as pushing her entrepreneurial spirit with her blues-themed line of tea. With some semblance of normality returning within the music world, Lyytinen has resumed her touring activities across the globe.